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TitulinisPicture Framing In Klaipėda

Picture Framing In Klaipėda

Yes! We do provide picture framing services in City Of Klaipėda. You can order frames via our website and we deliver to Klaipėda by courier.

We are your source of picture framing and picture framing materials in Klaipėda. Come and see our impressive collection of frames in a framing workshop in VILNIUS or framing workshop in KAUNAS! We frame everything - from teaspoons to valuable artwork, maps, and more.

Picture framing is our specialization. We provide picture framing services. Picture framing does not go without professional frame selection, so in galleries you always get professional advice on which frame to choose. We have a wide range of frames - from wide, to almost invisible, aluminum and floating-type frames, which are now very popular. Usually, framing a picture takes 3-4 business days.

Also we do frame mirrors - order a mirror of the required dimensions and we will put it in any frame youlike! Just choose the frames you like from the frame catalog, enter the required dimensions and add a mirror option. If you want to get an example of a frame profile or consult - call or come to our framing center! We also offer standard luxury, ornate, oval, round and other mirrors!

Metal frames - a modern alternative to wooden or plastic frames. These frames are made in Germany. We use NIELSEN frames, which are well known worldwide for their quality.

Picture hanging systems - UAB RĖMAI LT sells ARTITEQ and STAS hanging systems. A picture hanging system is a great way to hang pictures or photos, especially if you want to change them frequently. This way the wall is damaged minimaly. We also provide an on site installation.

Giclee quality printing and fine art printing on paper and canvas. In our framing workshop, we print with Canon Pro printer on best quality canvas possible. This type of printing is perfect for highest quality reproductions, photos and digital artworks. We stretch canvas of wooden frames.

RĖMAI.LT is a fast growing project that serves dozens of clients from all over Lithuania every day. Trust your framing works for us!


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8~700 55 321 Darbo laikas: IV: 8-19